about wedge inc

Wedge was co-founded in 2022 with a pledge to support education, diversity, inclusion, and representation in the emerging technology space. Wedge, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit in the state of Georgia.

Jeremiah Long

Jeremiah Long Commercial Headshot 2022

Jeremiah Long is a mixed kid that grew up poor in Section 8 housing with a single mom. Undaunted by his immutable background he became a multi-hyphenate technical founder and educator with over 20 years in computer science, TV/film production, journalism, and creative development. Following a successful career in broadcast production, Long became a serial entrepreneur with a focus on building inclusive, sustainable business models for diverse creatives.

His recent work includes founding Ai startup Ai For Kids dot App, Blockchain project: Immutable Access on the Flow Blockchain, founding NFTATL, and building The Atlanta Voice Newspaper’s digital media platform. Long has experience leading award winning project teams with other diverse news outlets, including The Dallas Weekly; launching multiple Web3 and NFT projects, and speaking on stages across the US about representation in the Web3 space. Jeremiah is also a dedicated artist, creator, and educator with expertise in 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, filmmaking, music production, design, and smart contract development. His focus is on mentorship, storytelling, community building, and inclusive entrepreneurship in the Web3 community.

Michael Wasserfuhr, PhD

Michael Wasserfuhr

Michael is founder and CEO of MWBT ( www.mwbt.biz ), providing strategic, finance, and operational support to FinTechs. In his consulting capacity, he has worked with companies of all sizes, from start-up through NASDAQ listed and in various sub-industries, such as Healthcare Payments/Settlement, Blockchain Services, Unattended Vending, Monetization of Mobile Ads and Apps, and crypto payments.

Michael has 20+ years experience as CFO and has worked with several Atlanta based payments organizations (Ingenico N.A., Worldpay US, and Vesta Corp.). Beforehand, he gained experience in the manufacturing sector and in the B2B services industry. Michael began his career as an apprentice at one of the leading financial institutions in Germany where he worked until 2000. Michael is a graduate from Giessen University, Germany where he received an MBA and PhD. He is a registered CPA and has dual citizenship (American/German). Michael is a promoter of the Payments Industry in Atlanta and beyond, i.e. as fractional CFO of the American Transaction Processors Coalition ( www.atpcoalition.com ).