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Wedge is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit advisory and education organization. We specialize in emerging technology education, community outreach, and education of businesses and the public. We focus on art and technology solution including AI (Artificial Intelligence), Web3, and Emerging Technology. Contact us for programming options in your community.


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learn: ai (artificial intelligence)

Discover how AI technology is revolutionizing the way we do business and learn how you can stay ahead of the curve. It is with this mission that we strive to educate public and private entities on advances in this technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that’s been around for a while now. But what is it, really? How can it help you in your everyday life? In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about AI right now, in a way that’s both humorous and helpful. First things first: what is AI? At its core, AI is ...

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Wedge PROGRAMS & resources

Learn: Web3 Technology

What is Web3? Learn how emerging technologies like blockchain, decentralized storage, and more are changing the way do business and interact. But first, let's learn the terms. A blockchain is...
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Atlanta: local resources

Wedge works with local Atlanta based organizations, government, and businesses on Web3 education programs. Learn more about Atlanta Blockchain Center, Umba Diama, Crypto Monday, and more local Atlanta orgs. Download our free resource guide below!
Wedge's local atlanta web3 community guide

wedge: for communities

Wedge provides education, resources, and programming to individuals and community-led organizations. We create programs that teach Web3 and AI concepts in creative content, technology, and development to community organizations, as well as speaking at community events. Learn how we are impacting communities below..
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